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  TAGE-MAGE written test
    Universa candidates must present a score for one of the following written tests:
  • Tage-Mage, a test of aptitude for business studies
  • or GMAT, Graduate Management Admission Test

When to choose the Tage-Mage test (rather than GMAT)?
The Tage-Mage test is designed for those candidates (French or otherwise) who have a good command of the French language. In the event of admission, a candidate having chosen this test will follow the Master of Science in Management programme in French, with the possibility of studying certain courses in English.

What does the Tage-Mage test consist of?
Specifically conceived for higher-education students, the Tage-Mage test is intended to evaluate the ability of candidates to memorise, to comprehend, to analyse, to reason and to solve problems.
It is presented in the form of a Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) covering a total of 90 questions. It is made up of six tests grouped into three main sections:
  • Problem solving, mental arithmetic, minimal conditions
  • Verbal abilities: comprehension and expression
  • Logic and reasoning

The Tage-Mage was conceived in a way that gives no particular advantage to candidates with a specific academic background (for example, in mathematics) and requires no formal knowledge of business studies.
It thus enables a selection to be made between candidates from varying academic areas or levels as well as allowing an objective comparison of candidates having followed the same study programme.

Where and how to take the Tage-Mage test?
The Tage-Mage test of aptitude for management studies is organised and examined by FNEGE, Fondation Nationale pour l'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises.
This test can be taken only once per year (from 1st December to 30th November of the following year) and the results obtained can be used by the student throughout the year of the test for any institutions that require them.

Two options are possible:
  • the candidate has already arranged to take the test through an organisation other than Universa before 30th may 2008: there is no need to retake the test; the candidate must include the date and location of the test in their Universa application file along with the score obtained (if available, otherwise the candidate’s score will be forwarded to Universa by FNEGE)
  • the candidate has made no arrangement to take the test as yet: Universa will organise the candidate’s Tage-Mage test at one of the following sessions:

In France: 19 April 2008
In Casablanca: 19 April 2008
Other cities : date to be confirmed

Preparing for the Tage-Mage test
FNEGE, the test’s founding organisation, provides candidates with an overview of the test at the site

What is a typical score for the Tage-Mage test?
Test scores range from -150 to +600. Statistically, two thirds of candidates achieve scores of between 200 and 300.


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